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And we got into a bit of an argument after Sandy Hook and that whole routine just wrote itself after 30 minutes,” he said.

“This is the one that went viral, even though it was recorded a year ago,” Jefferies said of a recent Brad Pitt segment.

The show had leftover footage of Brad doing a Le Bron James joke, which felt timely because of the NBA playoffs.

“Now they have the best library of stand-up comedy we’ve ever seen.” As for whether he’ll ever revisit “Legit,” Jefferies said Pitt has asked to see a script should it be revived as a movie to wrap the show’s characters’ storylines.

“But if I leave it too long one of the characters should be dead by now,” he said. I’ve got to speed it up.” Jefferies admits he’s still a bit disappointed that “Legit” was canceled after two seasons, when part of its decline came because FX moved the show to FXX, “a channel no one had ever f—ing heard of.” “They kept on lying to us, ‘don’t worry about the ratings because we moved it to a new channel, it’s just about the quality of the show,'” he said.

Pitt was a fan of Jefferies’ FX series “Legit,” and came in twice to record bits for his Comedy Central show.

“He also recorded a whole heap of stuff just on the phone,” Jefferies said.

A second regular segment is “2 Minute Science”, which looks at future developments and how science can change the world.

Jim Jefferies has a secret to tell about Brad Pitt.

The comedian is impressed with the streaming service’s always-expanding library of stand-up shows.

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