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Those who root for the collapse of America think this fiscal cliff means something. Well, perhaps that’s a rash statement – it could bring a hot little buying opportunity.

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In the third quarter alone US companies earned $1.75 trillion, after tax – that’s up 18.6% in a year.

In the last four years corporate profits as a share of the US economy have risen by 300%.

Given the big gains investors have scored in recent months, I can totally see a wave of selling that takes them off the table.

Nobody believes politicians will let the American economy fall into recession, and stay there. What markets do fear are changes to the tax code making investing less lucrative, since part of the cliff involves taxing dividends as income (bad) and raising capital gains taxes by a third (worse). More new deals than at any time since early 2010, when the government was paying people to make offers.

The idea that somehow earnings received passively from the stock market (AKA casino) are more worthy of encouragement or incentive than earnings received from the hard work of its people, is a sham and is truly representative of a populace that values speculation over real work.

This jackass would disagree with you oh prophetic one.Until that’s resolved, a mountain of money will stay on the sidelines. That’s when markets were heaving by 400 points a day and the doomers among us predicted a tumbling economy leading to a banking collapse. US unemployment is down, corporate profits are up and American real estate has bounced off the bottom. Sales of new houses have just jumped to a four-year high.Bidding wars have returned to Boston, Phoenix, San Francisco and New York.The toxic agent in global trade, global banking, and global bond market is the USDollar. Jackass/1356642000Besides who would want to live in an occupied police state… And my opinion: In 2013 smart people will move money out of inflated Canadian real estate and out of US and North American financial assets and bonds and build a growing exposure to: – Asian Pacific – Emerging Economies – Europe Garth when is it going to register I am that coconut of yours that our, home owners not same as yanks. Only 20% of people are invested in the stock market. What’s the rape victim have in common with real estate? First of all real estate is still highly inflated relative to peoples incomes especially incomes of the homeless, unemployed , under paid and under employed people.Of course, he’s not hiring yet, but things certainly seem to be improving. (quite similar to what Carney and F have been up to this side of the border, as reported by Garth).

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