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If you do, about once a year you will want to rebalance your funds to maintain your chosen allocation.You might also want to rebalance anytime the market makes a major move (20% ) up or down.

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For this reason, and favoring simplicity, I recommend 100% stocks using VTSAX.

That said, if you are willing to do a bit more work, you could slightly smooth out the wild ride and possibly outperform over time by adding 10-25% bonds.

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It's estimated that roughly 50% of student loan borrowers qualify for some type of student loan forgiveness program.

But using this framework of two stages and two funds, you have all the tools you need to find your own balance.

In determining that balance you’ll also want to consider two additional factors: How much effort you are willing to apply and your risk tolerance.Yes, there may be tax consequences, but that shouldn't deter you from these programs.It is the best alternative if you can't afford your loans and you are looking for forgiveness options (and we discuss the taxes a bit at the end of the article).But this statistic is misleading, because a lot of borrowers think this means qualifying for some type of student loan forgiveness program. Actually, most borrowers qualify for student loan forgiveness through one of these "secret" ways.The secret is simple: sign up for a qualifying student loan repayment plan, and any remaining balance on your loan will be forgiven at the end of the plan. What's even better is that your income could be low enough to qualify for zero or minimal repayment, at which your loan will be forgiven at the end. If I had it to do over, this blog would be likely named The Simple Path to Wealth after one of my very earliest posts and currently the working title of my upcoming book. Relentlessly fiddling with your investments almost always leads to worse results.

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