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Fast, fully-managed operational data warehouse, consolidating data from several operational apps, and then use analytics tools like Tableau for business analysis.

Easily collect and consolidate data from sources such as public, shared, open, partner or purchased datasets – particularly ones that will likely be searched by an analyst using an open source or standard analytics tools like Tableau or Spotfire.

Enterprise deployments typically take 2 to 4 weeks and often include on-site project management, IT, security and other teams.

The platform combines popular cloud MPP SQL databases such as Amazon Redshift with data movers, security software, analytics engines and 24 x 7 operations for hassle-free data warehousing in the cloud.

Everything is fully-managed and monitored, and the platform is designed to seamlessly "drop in" to existing infrastructures. Cazena gets you up and running in the cloud in a few clicks.

We’ll train you on unfamiliar terms, and have worked hard to make our service simple and intuitive.

Cazena’s Mart simply acts as another data warehouse, which powers familiar analytics and BI tools used by analysts or business user.

Best Price-Performance for Amazon Redshift and other best-of-breed technologies.

Cazena embeds the latest technology and optimizes it with the best cloud infrastructure configuration for your workload, so you automatically get the best performance without overpaying.They may not even know they’re using cloud data – but since everything is secure and encrypted, they don’t have to.Now you don’t need an entire technical team to collect and share data, even lots and lots of data, for any kind of project.Security and built-in data movers: Once connected to Cazena, those with the appropriate access controls can load and move data into Cazena and any connected data sources with our built-in data movers.The data movers have encryption and compression built-in with no extra steps.: Cazena Data Mart as a Service is provisioned based on the workload’s data type, volume, analytics tools and price-performance or SLA (service level agreement) requirements.

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