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You can easily open up a CD account with Synchrony Bank online.

You’ll need to provide some basic identifying information, such as your Social Security number and date of birth (this is required of all banks in order to comply with the USA PATRIOT Act).

Synchrony Bank is a relative newcomer to the banking scene, having opened up right around the same time as the World Wide Web was being developed in the late 1980s.

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Synchrony Bank offers exceptional rates on their savings accounts and CDs.

However, their money market account is a little underwhelming in the interest rate department.

Your CD will automatically roll over into another CD of the same term length, but you’ll get a 10-day grace period to make any changes.

During this grace period, you can withdraw the cash, add more cash, and/or open up a new CD with a different term length.

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Given that these two accounts are so similar, we recommend going with the regular savings account, because that one offers a truly exceptional interest rate with the same terms of this money market account.

You can easily open up a money market account with Synchrony Bank online.

One big difference is that the money market account offers a lower interest rate than their savings account.

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