Consolidating information in excel

Before beginning, I'd first recommend converting all of your data into Tables.

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I have attached a sheet where I consolidated the information but I had to put data in every sheet for this to work properly.

I know the sheets have to be formatted the same but with the sheets formatted the same I can't get it to work with out values in range.

To create a consolidated pivot table, use the following steps: Jonathan is part of the professional team who answer Excel-related questions posted on the Excel forums.

Jonathan also tests our courses prior to publication and has worked on all of our ten world bestselling Excel books for Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016 for Windows and Excel 2016 for Apple Mac.

Last week, we learned how to use SQL and query data inside Excel. Once we have found the last row we then select the next empty cell below that and paste our data then.

This week, lets talk about how we can use VBA to consolidate multiple data sheets from different workbooks into one single worksheet. Additional things that may be used to enhance this code 1.

To create a worksheet listing the students' average grade, follow these steps: The students' average grades are now listed in the new worksheet.

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Specifically, you might want to take a look at the following lessons: Expert Skills Lesson 5-1: Create a pivot table Expert Skills Lesson 5-6 Apply a simple filter and sort to a pivot table Expert Skills Lesson 5-7 Use report filter fields While this is the approach that I recommend taking, there is a 'secret' Excel feature that allows you to create a consolidated pivot table from several sheets.

If you use this along with the Tables feature, you can create a pivot table that will automatically pick up new rows from every sheet, as well as updating existing rows.

For a bit more on the Consolidate function, see Expert Skills Lesson 2-5: Consolidate data from multiple data ranges.

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