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The difference between them is that Forgiveness programs typically take a longer time to qualify for, whereas Discharge programs let you get rid of your loans in an instant.

Most Forgiveness programs only allow you to get rid of your loans after you’ve made a certain number of payments toward them (typically, they require 10, 15 or 20 years worth of payments), but they’re the type of program more people will qualify for, since they’ve got easier eligibility conditions.

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Abbreviated “PAYE”, this is one of the most powerful Federal forgiveness programs on the market, and one that you should definitely look into if your loans were taken out after 2007, because it is the most widely available forgiveness benefit, and one of the easiest to qualify for.

For details on how PAYE forgiveness works, please visit my page about the Pay As You Earn Student Loan Repayment Plan.

If you have questions about anything I’ve covered on this page, feel free to leave a Comment and I’ll do my best to get back to you in 24 hours!

There are two main types of Forgiveness benefits available for borrowers with Federal student loans, including the traditional “Forgiveness” programs, and the more modern “Discharge” programs.

All of the programs above are excellent opportunities for getting rid of your loans, but remember that most of them are going to require many years of payments before you can get rid of your debt (except some of the Healthcare and Nursing programs, which are super accelerated).

Next, let’s discuss the more modern Federal Student Loan Discharge programs, which let you get rid of your loans more quickly than the older Forgiveness Programs, but which are much harder to qualify for since they’re only available to small portions of the population.

But you’ll need to be extremely careful about who you choose to work with, because there are literally thousands of Student Loan Forgiveness Scams in operation across the country now, and you definitely don’t want to fall into line with one of them.

The benefits of hiring a Student Loan Debt Relief Agency are that they can save you time, money, and stress by making sure that you’re aware of all the opportunities available for reducing or eliminating your debt, and by protecting you from making any mistakes with your applications to available debt forgiveness and discharge programs.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: in 2018, it’s possible to get rid of your student loan debt without paying a single cent! Via a variety of Student Loan Forgiveness Programs, which are now readily available for both Federal and Private Student Loans.

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