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In those cases, you may be able to have another go at it.

The following types of loans are eligible for consolidation: Yes, a married couple can jointly consolidate their loans, but it may not be a good idea.

Current law dictates that you can only consolidate once, so if you consolidate at a 6 percent interest rate and rates later drop to 3 percent, you’re out of luck.

Fin maintains a list of student loan institutions, including large banks; private companies like Sallie Mae; and state education system lenders like the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority and the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority.

You should do enough research to be able to negotiate the most favorable terms.

For any college grads overwhelmed by multiple student loans, this can be extremely helpful.

The difference between student loan consolidation and refinancing is a subtle distinction but no less important.

Switching to a new lending institution might eliminate any benefits you’ve earned, like lower interest rates for on-time payments over the years.

Plus, consolidating could make it impossible for you to have a Perkins Loan forgiven or reduced.(There are no prepayment penalties for student consolidation loans.) On sites like Student, the student loan consolidation process must be completed in one single session.In most cases, this process can take less than 30 minutes.The key terms for federal consolidation loans do not vary by lender: no application or origination fees are allowed and there are no prepayment penalties.Federal law sets the period of time for paying back the loans and sets a ceiling on the interest rate.If you’ve already been paying off your loans for a while, you can consolidate at any time.

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