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With Gridoc, you can merge these spreadsheets into single table using Combine Tables feature that will correctly identify and align columns from different files, sparing you from error-prone manual copy&pasting and fixing the data.One of the inputs into company’s next marketing campaign is a list of purchased products per customer. As usually you will only get 1 hit for the survey, it is crucial to focus on you targets/objectives when drafting your questions.

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However, in this case I was limited to MS Word – the doc / docx survey was to be sent via email to clients/users and consolidated. Below I explain my approach of making a survey in Word and how to easily consolidate the results using VBA macros (next page of this post).

Most people don’t put enough effort into designing their surveys – sloppy designs, messed up document structures or simply frequent typo’s and misspelled questions.

Data Everywhere can consolidate that data into a single data feed, easily reported from a single table.

Easily share the Forms results with other users; Data Everywhere feeds are built for sharing.

We’re big fans of making it as easy as possible to import your data into Batchbook.

We’ve done things like creating drag and drop import, imports from various integration partners and a handy mapping screen all in the name of helping you get up and running quickly.

Recently I stumbled upon an issue of creating a quick survey for clients/users.

Usually you would want surveys set up in a dedicated web application like Google Forms or Survey Monkey. I created the survey using MS Word Content Controls (text fields, checkboxes etc.) and Active X objects (for option / radiobuttons only). The code is reusable for virtually any survey created this way.

If you are still developing your survey, however, I encourage you to at least review the steps for designing a good survey.

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