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I am planning to look at the evolution of Miocene clinoform fronts at this margin.​ In my last chapter, I am going to evaluate the ocean crustal sites at Reykjanes ridge, offshore Iceland for carbon dioxide sequestration in layers of deep-sea basalt.This work aims to look for an offshore extension of the onshore Carb Fix project launched in 2007.

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Using integrated laboratory experiments and field studies, I examine the interactive impacts of ocean acidification with other chemical stressors on harmful algal bloom (HAB) phytoplankton species including .

In addition, some of my research focuses on the supply of dust – a major source of iron for phytoplankton – in surface waters of the Indian Ocean.

Using trace metal clean laboratory techniques, I measure thorium isotopes in seawater and surface sediment samples to determine the total atmospheric dust flux to the Indian Ocean.

These interdisciplinary studies address the coupled biological and chemical changes in marine ecosystems as a result of increased anthropogenic climate change.

Anderson​ Paleoceanographic-Proxy Development in Scleractinia (Stony Corals) Throughout the Pacific Ocean: Exploring the Variable Utility of Stable Isotopes and Trace Metals in Oceanographic Reconstructions​ The geochemical signature in the aragonite skeleton of a coral can be used to decipher past climate.

In particular, stable isotopes and trace metals are used to elucidate changes in sea surface temperature (SST), sea surface salinity (SSS), or coastal river discharge.

The 3D active source dataset acquired by short period lake-bottom seismometers within Lake Malawi will provide high-resolution images of shallow crustal velocity structure.

Together these diverse datasets will yield novel constraints on the state of the Malawi Rift and the role of segmentation and magmatism in an immature continental rift setting.

Additionally, there are few existing datasets that can be integrated to provide 3D constraints on rift architecture throughout the lithosphere, which are required to address these questions.

​ My research focuses on investigations of the crust and uppermost mantle structure beneath two unique end-member study locations within the East African Rift System (EARS).

My dissertation research is a compilation of projects aimed at fine-tuning and exploring the bounds of coral paleoceanographic proxies.​ Using stable oxygen isotopes from corals off the Pacific coast of Panamá I am reconstructing decadal precipitation patterns to better understand low frequency variability in the Pacific Basin.

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