Cost of updating home electrical

The price includes supplying a new consumer unit and assumes the work will be in an empty house.The price includes the minor plastering work required to fill in the holes chased in the wall for the conduit.

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Two bed terraced house A total rewire of a two-bed terraced house including kitchen and bathroom should cost between £2,000 and £3,000 depending on where you live in the UK and the size of the business you hire.

An average of £2,500 is a commonly quoted price with the job taking between 5 and eight days to complete.

Many UK homes have old electrical wiring and getting your home rewired is a great way of adding value and ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Electrical rewiring costs will vary depending on some factors including: Below is are guide prices for rewiring different home types and sizes including an average two-bed terraced house, three-bed semi-detached house, and an average four-bed detached house.

Unless you are a contractor yourself, or you are getting an unbelievable deal, stay away from these properties.

What is the fair price to pay for the services of an electrician?

You will likely end up doing considerably more work than described, since this type of work also invites very expensive surprises.

For example, when you open the walls and find asbestos insulation or pipe wrap, the job stops while your GC arranges for a certified asbestos abatement contractor to arrive.

The price will typically include: The price excludes plastering and decorating which will be required to finish the job.

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