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In the tutorial we constructed a page that listed each user account in a paged, filtered Grid View.

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The approved status is useful in scenarios where some action must transpire before a new user is able to log on to the site.

For example, a user might need to first verify their email address or be approved by an administrator before being able to login.

To prevent this from happening you could move the signup page to an folder, and require that an administrator manually create each account.

Alternatively, you could allow anyone to signup, but prohibit site access until an administrator approves the user account.

For example, you may be running a private website where all pages, except for the login and signup pages, are accessible only to authenticated users.

But what happens if a stranger reaches your website, finds the signup page, and creates an account?The verification page is responsible for approving the user. Sending Mail 'Get the User Id of the just-added user Dim new User As Membership User = Membership. User Name) Dim new User Id As Guid = CType(new User. Furthermore, they are automatically sent an email with a link to the verification URL (see Figure 6).This may happen automatically, thereby approving any user who reaches this page, or only after the user provides some additional information, such as a CAPTCHA. Provider User Key, Guid) ' Determine the full verification URL (i.e., Figure 6: The New User Receives an Email with a Link to the Verification URL (Click to view full-size image) Note The Create User Wizard control's default Create User Wizard step displays a message informing the user their account has been created and displays a Continue button.By default, the Create User Wizard control approves new accounts.You can configure this behavior using the control's property value as an input parameter.This tutorial shows how to build a web page for administrators to manage users' locked out and approved statuses.

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