dating coworkers in retail - Cupid dating saskatchewan

I Facebook stalked her because she had a slightly uncommon first name on her profile, and lo and behold, same picture on Facebook!

When she had to be 130ish pounds heavier it was quite awkward. But when you straight up lie to get a date, it's not gunna go any further than that one.

I've never used dating apps myself, but my sister has used Match and Tinder in the past for dates.1st guy she found on there was a pathological liar.

We hit it off, exchanged numbers and chatted every off night.

Turns out we rode on the same bus to get home after work but at different times of the day.

We met over lunch and he appeared to be a nice person and a good communicator.

Then halfway into my sandwich, he started talking about how he believes aliens are among us and are controlling our minds through electric and electronic signals.

Things were going well until one day she got off work early and came home unannounced. Before meeting him, met a few guys here and there but there just wasnt a mutual connection on any of them.

Found him sitting on the couch doing lines of coke off the coffee table. I don't know what other people are experiencing but that seems like the type of people who are single in Regina. It's like dumpster diving looking for one decent person in the mess of garbage. Talked to many, many, many guys online and found it was easy to weed out losers after awhile.

Goodbye guy #1.2nd guy she found seemed ok at first.

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