Cybersex like chatroulette

I sift through hundreds of faces for an opportunity to speak with someone like you.

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For example, when I originally posted on /r/IAm A I said I was 20, not 19, since I had to post a proof pic (this running the risk of someone recognizing me.) For the most part though guys seem pretty happy to chat with a 19 year old so I feel no need to hide it! I will often engage with someone masturbating from the get-go, but to be honest I usually prefer people that aren't at first.

There's more than enough disembodied erections on chatroulette/omegle, I like to see a bit of personality!

If you don't like your first match, simply press next.

To chat and use all the features of the site you must verify that you are over 18 which is free and takes less than a minute.

I'm 23 and I'm an exhibitionist and a bank-robber."A domino mask (like the Hamburglar) and more elegant costume variations on that would be sexy, but I don't know if they would hide your identity well enough. q=tbn: ANd9Gc T6N0n JRog1gg Sm Rg B1UMhuq ONBEw RPDMVvr BA3Iy O-q5I_DGIoik Oy1o Ebnw Ski masks would be a definite distraction and probably make me laugh more than anything else.

I doubt you're looking for a laugh though ;)Not a requirement, but I'm more likely to stay on longer if their face is shown. It might sound contradictory, but close ups of erections almost always get immediately next-ed.Once someone's seen my body they're not seeing my face.If they ask to see my face I politely decline and explain why. Yesterday I stripped for a guy wearing a fur hat and those gag glasses with the eyes printed on them. I also once had a guy who asked me to rate his cumshot. Personality is key-- whether it's a cute smile, something interesting in the background, or a silly hat.If they look young, I'll ask their age and only chat if they're over eighteen.As for the oldest, I'm not sure since if they're definitely over eighteen I won't always ask their age.I think it's called the Conservation of Solecisms.

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