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Usually it takes what is called "hitting bottom" for the perpetrator to change their behavior.This could include losing their job, spouse, or having significant legal or financial troubles. I had first met Shon Moss four years earlier, in December of 2005.

The best action to take is preventative and protective.

Just as we have developed boundaries in face-to-face social situations, we must develop online boundaries and healthy habits.

More than 15 million children currently go online - more than 10 million of then in America. For that matter, are adults safe when they go online? 48 Hours takes a look at cyberstalking and other online dangers.

Tracking Cyber-Predators: Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports on Operation Blue Ridge Thunder, a team of investigators in rural Virginia trying to crack down on pedophiles who comb the Web to find victims.

If you are involved with a love addict, codependent or sex addict you should ensure that he or she is in recovery, actively working a program.

If not, you may also want to protect yourself more carefully as you may be more vulnerable to being cyberstalked.Do you have a compelling story that 48 Hours should cover? Or share your thoughts on this week's show and Web coverage. Sitting at my desk at a New York City consulting firm in 2009, I had randomly Googled my name. I was excited to be in Philadelphia—it was a nice change of pace from North Carolina, where I’d grown up in a small town, later going to college at Duke.However with the escalation of cyberstalking, it is important to be careful with how you conduct your romantic life online and to take precautions.If you are casually dating and using online services to do so, you may want to protect yourself more carefully.This has happened so quickly that we haven't necessarily taken the precautions to protect ourselves.

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