Czech dating lady

Prove to her that she is a lady worth all the efforts. A gentleman will always be well groomed and well-dressed when he goes to meet his lady.

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Don’t ever offer your hand for a handshake or you better kiss your chances with dating her goodbye. Not only limited to the Czech lovelies but this should extend to all women of all nationalities and cultures; the man should pay for the first date.

He pays for dinner, for the coffee, for the taxi when he sees her to her door.

Once the relationship has progressed to a serious degree, then matters of who pays for dinner can now be discussed. If you intend for your first date to be followed by a second and a third, always be a gentleman.

Open doors for her, seat her first, take her coat, offer to bring her things, and the whole nine-yards of the chivalry code.

If you find yourself hopelessly attracted to a Czech woman, despair not.

That is considered normal and is even expected as these women have been playing a vital role in society not only in the past but up to the modern times.

Whenever you find yourself in Prague, en route to a date with a lovely Czech maiden, let it be known that small gifts are expected. This way, you get on the good side of both your lovely date and her family.

Small gifts can be defined as a simple bottle of wine, a nice box of chocolates, and the usual bouquet for the lady.

There is some introduction, about 15 minute break in the middle, and some further instructions at the end.

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