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MTV: Do you have theories about what will happen in "Deathly Hallows"? Rowling would have gone down that route, possibly not — possibly he is pure evil — which we'll find out in less than a month, actually. Rowling would read all the scripts, and if she said that you have to have something in, that it's vital, well, she would tell us. Radcliffe: No, I said I would break his legs, that's totally different.

Radcliffe: I do have theories, but one of my theories is stolen from someone else, who the other day made the very good point that he thought Snape is going to turn out to be the tragic hero. MTV: There was a point where you said you wanted Harry to die. There's loads of theories, but to be honest, I have no idea whether any of them have any validity. MTV: There's one thing that obsessive fans are going to notice is missing in the film version of "Phoenix" — a clue that they think is important for "Hallows" — an amulet they find in Grimmauld Place, a possible Horcrux. So I'm presuming that it's not of vital importance in the future. So he has to stay and direct the rest of the movies.

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It's like the French Resistance or any revolutionary group of people in any war that are being oppressed.

He's setting up a group of people to fight against Umbridge, who is oppressing them — she's trying to stop them from learning any real magic — and that provides more of the uplifting moments. I mean, we say that every time, but this one is much darker, and I think Dumbledore's Army really lifts the film in tone, where you see Harry go from this quite reluctant leader to this Henry V character who is stirring up the troops. MTV: And his battle is a more internal one as well.

Seven could be the most magically powerful number in the "Harry Potter" series.

Think about it: There are seven books, seven Horcruxes (possibly), and now, for Daniel Radcliffe, seven years of playing the Boy Who Lived.

I mean, he fancied Cho [Chang, Cedric's girlfriend] before Cedric died, but Cedric's death meant he was taken out of the picture, and she was vulnerable, and Harry's a shoulder to lean on and it's all messed up.

There's a picture of Cedric on the wall, on the mirror, when I kiss her. MTV: I didn't realize people were making it the focal point.Though the rest of the wizarding world has been eagerly awaiting this seventh month because it brings the fifth movie in the "Potter" saga (see " 'Harry Potter' Set Visit: Go Inside The Ministry Of Magic In This Peek Behind The Scenes"), as well as the final book of the series (see " 'Harry Potter' Roundtable: Experts Battle Over Theories On How Series Will End"), Radcliffe has another magical date marked on his calendar — his 18th birthday on July 23.As the world's most famous boy wizard becomes a man — and a more accomplished actor, too, branching out from the "Potter" films to Muggle roles onstage in "Equus" and in the forthcoming movie "December Boys" — he's shepherding his signature character into manhood as well.Here, Daniel talks about how Harry has evolved in the new film, "Order of the Phoenix" — from bashful wizard to first kiss — and what the tea leaves say is next.(Watch Radcliffe talk about Harry's loss of innocence, first kiss and questionable alliances.) MTV: Just as Harry is a little older in each film, his world becomes a little larger — and darker.And Sirius — Harry's his last link to James Potter just as Sirius is his only link to his dad. I just meant in terms of the more complicated emotions that take place here!

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