Dating a butterface

I Love Love Love Ford, a very handsome cop he is a stickler for the rules and has to do everything by the book. I loved the fact that he genuinely was attracted to Gina and fell in love with her because of the way she looked not in spite of them.

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What a rollercoaster ride of emotions, it's funny, intense, moments when you want to take a swing at someone, mumbling to yourself. *I recieved an Arc from the author and this is my honest opinion.*Fun, flirty, and fantastically funny-Butterface does not disappoint. Love is truly a splendid but complicated thing, as we learn from this magnificent book by Avery Flynn.

Best of all are Gina and Ford two characters that I loved that will stay with me for a while. Laugh out loud and sweet as can be, Ford and Gina’s story checks all the boxes for this rom-com reader! Butterface is basically a tale of two people who are completely the opposite in looks, and personality, heck even their families are kind of different but the same in loyalty.

I related so much to Gina in more ways than one, so I appreciated her struggles with the way she felt about her looks and what she had been through in the past, as someone who is challenged in that way too, it touched me deeply and made me emotional at times.

I understood her lack of trust when it came to believing Ford's attraction to her, and the humour she used to cover up the pain.

When something happens at Gina's home, Ford's boss decides it a great opportunity for him to spend some time with Gina gathering intel.

All Ford can think about is Gina and her black lace panties. Helps her with some handyman work and the two slowly warm up to each other. Her brothers are spitting nails she's involved with a cop, his family is relentless because he's a rule follower and heaven help anyone who breaks a rule.

He comes from a long line of firefighters, he is the first to step out and become a cop. advanced reader copy from Net Galley and Entangled for an honest review. From the unusual way Gina and Ford meet to the idea of a cop and a woman who's family has ties to the mob, had me hooked.

These two both have issues and as they slowly seem to work through them, there's another twist to the story and while it goes against Ford's rules, he definitely enjoys breaking the no hitting the sheets rule with Gina. Then once again, more twists and curves that turn the whole works upside down. These two really need and compliment each other, and when they come together good times can be found.

The Luca brothers may or may not be involved at least peripherally.

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