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[Read: Getting over insecurity in a relationship] Does your boyfriend’s BFF hate you? She may be a nice person, but she would always want his attention, and even more so, whenever you’re around. At times, her call may interrupt both of you in the middle of a steamy love making hour, and she may actually realize what you guys are up to.She may even ask details, which is so gross and frustrating, because it just shows how easy it is for her to talk dirty with him. Well, she wants you to clearly know that she’s got a better hold on your guy than you do. She’s able to draw his attention away from you, right under your nose, and you can’t do a thing about it. Now why do you really have to put up with this shit? ] If you ever have to put up with your boyfriend and his girl best friend petting each other in public or exchanging dangerously close cheek kisses, make up your mind on two things. Or figure a way to stop her by reading how to deal with your man’s flirty friend.

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How do you know she’s not out to get your boyfriend?

And she knows all about him just like you do (maybe even more). How do you know they’re not into each other and think about doing more than playing video games together?

But she remembers it, and you look like a fool while she recounts to you about his secret escapade during his school years. But what she knows for a fact is that he is her best friend. She loves the way your man drools and laughs when she’s around.

You don’t really care whether he peed in his pants when he was seven years old, that doesn’t bother you one bit. And another fact she knows well is that you get jealous when you see her with your boyfriend. And she loves watching your red face each time she kisses his cheek.

Every human being that feels imprisoned, caged or trapped – will eventually want to ESCAPE. Here’s exactly what to do to prevent that: I know it’s the hardest thing ever, but you have to do it, even if you are jealous out of your mind. Because showing him you are jealous about any other relationship he has, proves to him that you don’t trust him. If YOU don’t know your self-worth, how is HE supposed to know? You literally attract the things you resist and are afraid of – into your life. You don’t want to send him a message saying: Believing in these last statements will remind him, daily, that his girlfriend is a confident, trusting woman that loves him and trusts him and everything he does. Your first instinct, the defensive instinct, may be to avoid her and ignore her entire existence. Again, this will help you remember your worth, and both your boyfriend and she will know they have nothing to hide in front of you. Does it mean that he doesn’t WANT to see her as much as he did before? Only now he resents you for not doing what he wants.

Any man that feels like his partner is trying to change him, to change the circumstances of his life, to change the way he does anything – can’t help but feeling controlled and chained. More importantly, it shows him that you don’t believe YOU are the one he chose. Throwing jealousy fits is literally pushing him away from you, probably to the arms of any other girl. Don’t make assumptions about his relationship with her, and about her plans for him. Even if they text all day, and even if he hangs out with her a lot – do not assume that he is attracted to her. Or: You may want to be mean to her to “show her who she’s dealing with”. It will make her defensive as well, and may make her say some negative stuff about you. So, what can you do if they like to do sleep overs and text all day? You have to open your eyes and see what’s really going on.

How do you deal with your jealousy and your feelings of inadequacy?

But I have to warn you: My tips are a bit controversial. I won’t advise you to tell him how you feel about their relationship. Once you’re able to calm yourself down a bit, it’s time for some positive affirmations. Because if you fear “the competition” (which she isn’t, by the way) – it means that you forgot your self-worth. Here’s why: If your boyfriend wants to spend most of his time with his BFF instead of you – boundaries won’t help.

It’s annoying to see her behave like his nanny, asking him about his body or his man parts while she coos with her sultry voice. And she wants you to accept that bottom line with no conditions. How many clumps of your own hair have you pulled over this line? Whether he’s told you or not, he may have been intimate with her or they would have hoped to be intimate with each other at some point of time before you came into his life. And she thanks him for his unrealized part of her ploy by planting a wet kiss on his cheek.

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