Dating a missionary

Dating is a culturally acknowledged convention during which marriage is being considered.

If there’s no intention of marrying a partner it raises the issue of why an exclusive romantic relationship has been formed at all.

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And this’ll mean that we won’t reach unbelieving men with the gospel.

Prioritising the women is, I would argue, short-sighted, counterproductive and unloving.

Paul doesn’t share our negative view of singleness.

The ‘spinster’ may be a figure of fun, but the great Apostle thinks she’s fortunate.

She has opportunities for ministry and undivided devotion to the Lord not enjoyed by those who are married.

In our churches those who are single perform much of the influential ministry.

It’ll mean that every bloke feels like he’s walked in on a church that caters for women but not men.

It’ll mean that we don’t prioritise men’s discipleship and give this the resources and attention that it needs.

Many single Christian women would love to be married. It’s the thing that they think will satisfy them beyond their wildest dreams.

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