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When I think back on the gifts I've given in the past, I immediately think about a scene from : Aldous doesn't want to wear his new Tommy Bahama shirt, and there is a flashback of Peter wearing a terrible shirt and rocking a man purse he pretends to love because Sarah got them for him.So, instead of buying men gifts you in their day-to-day lives.Help them clean up the junk in and around their keyboard with this bizarrely entertaining sticky goo, which picks up dirt and debris from keyboards.

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It can feel tough to get it right when it comes to gift giving for a boyfriend, brother, father, or friend.

Instead of buying the same old thing (like a shirt that they'll wear once), I think the trick is to think about useful and practical gifts for men in my life.

Never will he have to fumble around looking for one again. This particular Kindle is getting a lot of attention because it has a built-in adjustable light for night or day reading, there's no screen glare, a charged battery lasts weeks, and its font is sharper and darker than ever.

Magic Keyboard Cleaner Sticky Gel, $6, Amazon Nobody likes looking sloppy.

This security camera works on Wi Fi, can connect with the Amazon Alexa app, has 360 degree surveillance, is motion-activated, and night vision.

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker , , Amazon Everybody loves ice cream, and if your gift recipient doesn't, it's time to replace your friends. This ice cream maker makes homemade frozen goodness in just 20 minutes (no rock salt needed), and you can even customize your favorite mix-ins by pouring them right into the center during the churning process.

Mount it right onto the handle bars, and don't worry about your phone falling out of your pocket any longer.

Plus, it keeps your device within reach just in case you find an Abra while playing Pokemon Go.i Phone 6 Sports Armband , , Amazon Nothing kills motivation quite like a freshly cracked i Phone screen.

Royce Leather Popular Luggage Tag, , Amazon A grown man deserves to look that way — grown up — when they're traveling.

A perfect way to do that is with a leather luggage tag that will instantly make them feel like a proper gentleman of the world.

You know, the things that are helpful and that someone may not think to buy for themselves. most of them were super practical things that would make awesome gifts.

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