Dating a women with a child

There is also this neat little building called a hotel.have beds and privacy.Edit: I find it interesting that this post slid in to the sex discussion about me and my teenagers being an issue.I honestly thought the main issue would be that a man might think I am not allowing my adult son to grow up and he might feel more intimidated by the fact of an adult male being in my house.At the time it was a convenient move because his roommate had left and he was unable to afford to live on his own.

I am protective over my kids in this area and feel no need to have a man I am casually dating needing to be introduced to my kids unless one day something develops in to a more serious relationship, which has not happened yet. Its rare you're going to find a man who wants to date you with your kidss at home. If you're kids were under age 15, then I can understand your concern for decorum, but if they are at least 16, they know mommy needs to tap it now and then. You have a adult son living at home contributing financially, nothing wrong with that, if the guy you meet has a problem with , he's not the guy for you and trust me he has friggen issues and this is the tip of the iceberg and kick him to the curb.

None of my kids have a problem with me dating again and are happy that I am doing so.... If you do find a guy who is not turned off of you because you have grown children at home, then why the hell are you acting like you don't need sex and your children are not suppose to know mommy needs to get some?! When do you bring up it , when you are comfortable with the guy and you seem to be interested in each other. Family comes first and, setting the economy aside, families should do as they want and choose to do.

Again, my kids come first.a man who I have only known for a short period of time.

Just because I refuse to bring my date home to have sex does not limit my sexual experiences. Hooking up when no one else is in the house or staying at his place.unless for some reason he has self-imposed restrictions to going there too.

There's a lot to be said for other cultures who have generations living together or who family's who are close and choose to live near one another and see each other often.

It's a great blessing to see as a great strength and never anything other than that.

Also, being that I am 46 years old, its pretty common to find people my age, or close to it, that still have children at home.

The only difference may be that I am a widow, therefore I do not have an additional parent that my kids go off to every other week, so I'm doing this whole parenting thing solo.

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