Sexfree chatting - Dating across political lines

Democrats are more doctrinaire than either Republicans or Independents, at least among those seeking love through digital media.

New market research conducted by the phone-based dating site, Coffee Meets Bagel, shows that while 32% of Independents will only date others who share their political views, and 33% of Republicans place the same wall around their dating pool, that number soars to 82% for Democrats.

Of course, there are many ways to interpret this data, and they all don’t point to Democrats being more close-minded than are their Republican and Independent peers.

One could easily imagine that this trend among Democrats was significantly impacted by the reality of Donald Trump becoming President, and the fact that communities in defeat often turn inward.

Brad also serves as President of Clal, The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, a leadership training institute, think tank and resource center in New York City.

Liberals and conservatives are divided over more than just politics.

Addressing the full social implications of what such a religion-politics swap might mean, are beyond me just now, but I do know this: to the extent that one is increasingly taking the place of the other, those for whom that transference is more likely need to be on guard that they simply don’t import the worst misdeeds from “that old time religion” into the new one.

Changing the god one worships, or what shape that worship takes, is no guarantee against the abuses that come whenever we enter any sacred territory – spiritual, political or emotional.

This will be a bigger challenge for Democrats, not necessarily because they are more dogmatic than Republicans, but because, as statistics show, they are less likely to participate in formal religious practice than are their Republican peers.

It may simply be that we all have impulses to draw lines and keep some people out.

Yet their differences are striking: liberals would rather live in cities, while conservatives prefer rural areas and small towns; liberals are more likely to say racial and ethnic diversity is important in a community; conservatives emphasize shared religious faith.

And while 73% of consistent liberals say it’s important to them to live near art museums and theaters, just 23% of consistent conservatives agree – one of their lowest priorities of eight community characteristics tested.

While I don’t think that his worst behavior with and about women represents all of who he is, I do think that there is enough of a pattern there that one could reasonably wonder, especially when it comes to romance, about those who readily embrace him.

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