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I’m prompted by this post (on SP fave Sociological Images) about a recent xkcd strip.

Now, xkcd has done some instant classic antisexist strips in the past, like this one and this one.

In some instances, the people and objects in the well are to scale, but not in others.

Of course, any man who falls farther from the pinnacle of hegemonic masculinity less privileged than his more “masculine” counterparts, but he’s still a man.

Nerd discourses sometimes let us forget that, and let us think we operate outside the system, because we’re not like those be better than that, but it means telling ourselves the truth, and not pretending that our interactions with women — even a simple conversation on a train — aren’t influenced and structured by the patriarchy.

But the xkcd strip is the fantasy of a Nice Guy TM: if only he weren’t so gosh-darn , thus imagining himself the True Victim of both.

I do think this particular comic may have worked fine if the same scenario were played out by known characters, instead of xkcd’s generic boy-and-girl stick figures.

It's just boring and OH WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT??

------------------------HI GUYS it's Carl here, invading that Jupiter is way bigger (ok fine, "more massive") than all the other planets, and in fact all the gravity wells are basically in correspondence with what you would expect, given their sizes. In theory, it's to give you a sense of how hard it would be to escape the gravity of the various planets and moons.The human standing on Deimos in one of the insets looks like he could get out of the well with very little effort, though we are told that it would take a bike and a ramp to get him out.I also don't understand some of the peaks between the wells, most notably the one between Mars and Ganymede.The strip in question starts with a spot-on confrontation between a woman on a train and a strange man hitting on her, in which she firmly tells him that if she wanted his attention, she’d have shown it. (ETA: The mouseover is: “And I even got out my adorable new netbook! That’s what the Sociological Images post* gets at very clearly: So this is the crux of the issue for me: nerds really are members of a subordinated masculinity, and from within that viewpoint it’s easy to dismiss anything which says that you are privileged and not downtrodden.It’s the conversation you always wish you would have with skeezy dudes on the train, if you weren’t worried that they’d retaliate in some way. ”) It’s funny because it’s true, and it’s EXTRA funny because she brought her cute netbook specifically so men would hit on her, just like when you wear a low-cut shirt it’s because you really want men to comment on your hot tits. Once you’re in that space, it’s really easy to start thinking in a certain way that says you’re not privileged just because you’re a man — and I think things like this XKCD strip can contribute to that way of thinking. I'm feeling better and not all hopped up on cough syrup, so I'll post my opinions on this thing (you didn't think my cat and I had the same opinions did you?

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