Dating agency cyrano background music

Byung-hoon gathers that the librarian is bored with her job and needs an exciting mysterious lover to keep her interested.

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She’s currently looking for the “book terrorist” who is ripping out random pages in books.

Byung-hoon forces some interaction between Min-young and scary librarian to observe the target.

The next day Min-young regrets her decision, re-quits her job, and marches over to the Cyrano Agency.

She waits but is embarrassed to go in and beg for the job and ducks into the restaurant next door, where she meets Seung-pyo. Min-young is still hesistant but finds her excuse to proceed when a client asks to go in.

And I love romantic comedies involving arranged dating.

It always make for hilarious awkward scenes but cute love grows eventually between unintended couples.

She angrily argues with Byung-hoon, but he dismisses all her points and offers her a job with the agency.

Although she has just lost her job, she rejects the new offer and stalks off.

Cha Seung-Pyo (Lee Chun-Hee) is the ever-present mystery 2nd lead man.

He is owner and chef of the restaurant next to the Cyrano Agency office.

The vet describes his one-sided love for the local librarian.

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