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is a nationally known author, speaker and licensed psychologist.Weiss travels the country training professionals in the treatment of marriage, sexual addiction, and sexual abuse.

Some guys run laps, give money to the political party they don’t vote for, do leg lunges for a half mile, give up some privilege or just pick up trash on the highway for a few hours.

He has appeared on many national talk shows including Oprah, Dr.

Hiking in local state or national parks and cooking a special dinner together at home also can make for a fun time on a budget.

Singles are typically a net economic gain, because they pay a higher tax rate (including indirectly paying for property taxes via their rent), spend more money on consumables like alcohol and music shows, and do not draw upon services like public schools.

Singles will go on many more first dates than they will go on second dates, so save the expensive dates for later in a relationship.

With shifting gender norms, a man spending hundreds of dollars on a first date can actually be more of a turn off, as women may wonder what exactly he is expecting in return.

Born into the wealthy and well-known Jun family of Ji Shi Villa, Jun Qi Luo has never lacked for anything.

She grew up with Shen Si Ru, an orphan adopted by...

If you had a gun to your head you could block entry points in a minute.

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