Dating agency man for all seasons

They had promised each other to be together until death do them part...Hazal and Kenan had planned to spend the rest of their lives together, settled in a small Aegean town but their perfect relation is shaken by Vural's arrival...

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Elif dreams every night in her sleep that she is a famous designer, and she aspires to become one in real life.

However, she is only a simple salesperson at a department store.

When hope, in the form of the young and beautiful attorney Selvi, knocks on the door of Dağhan, who is imprisoned for life, gates of the past are reopened. The story is about an extraordinary love between a man forced to commit a crime in order to prove his father’s innocence and a police officer who is chasing him.

A drama centering on the lives of prisoners in Stalin’s era labor camp for women – Akmolinsk Camp for Wives of Betrayers of the Nation (A. These two who have run away from love all their lives, are now experiencing an impossible romance.

The story begins with Cennet’s father giving her to Cemal as a second wife.

When first wife Hanim meets with the beautiful Cennet, she is upset but goes along with it because she has been unable to bear a child...

After graduating from the Conservatory of Music, she jumps into the music industry working as a back vocalist and singing in commercial jingles.

How far would you go for the sake of love, conscience, and justice? R) These women are wives of former party leaders, female thieves, nuns and prostitutes serving harsh sentences side by side...

Melike’s family thinks that their daughter is an awarded journalist... She is high-spirited and optimistic about life, despite having a congenital heart condition.

She knows that she needs a transplant operation soon or it will be fatal...

Fate brings together two sisters who share a tragic start to their lives under one household.

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