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Only about fifteen percent of the pimps and sex traffickers interviewed here would cop to using violence to control their workers.

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Here are the four stages of what traffickers and pimps do to pull this off: 1.

Luring Knowledge is power – and awareness about human trafficking can go a long way in helping end it.

That's not me." Another suggests a different title altogether for those who might formerly have been described as, right, "pimps": Of course, we have to account for some self-reporting bias from these... I know a girl who was locked in someone's house for a whole year, couldn't leave, just had johns coming in and going. Other interview subjects echoed this view: "If you want to get away, you always can."Several pimps told their interviewers that they sort of fell ass-backward into pimping when aspiring sex workers approached them, usually looking for protection: One day I was leaving football practice, and my school was right there on the blade.

This girl I go to school with approaches me and says, "You know.

But there are also plenty of confessions of psychological manipulation. Respondent: I believe any female is doable to change, by that I mean going to make money.

One pimp identifies it as a skill he long had: It started in high school, middle school really. Just being the dude that can talk a female into having sex with me and a couple of buddies. I have seen girls that come from college, that come from money, who have been changed by this process. Respondent: It can take anywhere from a day to a few months.

I want to make it clear though that I’m not condoning pimping or the exploitation of women in any way.

This article is about the nature of the world and the nature of women, not about how to become a pimp.

"In my mind, pimp is a derogatory word," one pimp tells his interviewer. I have this old leftist habit of trying to respect nomenclature here but maybe I will just keep calling them pimps and you, the audience, will understand that they object to the term. You get the idea.) But the consistent upshot is that things do not quite so closely resemble the Hollywood idea of a pimp as they once did, if ever they did.

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