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....Sterling is still 10 per cent down against the euro since the referendum.

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On the debit side, he will be seen as having failed to protect Goldman from the ethical pratfalls which have sullied its reputation.

....The Government, in a desperate attempt to reform a near-broken system labouring under a backlog of nearly 300,000 appeals, is considering drastic action.

....It was not the kind of Autumn Statement we had come to expect under George Osborne - all fire and brimstone, all change, more complexity - but Philip Hammond's debut was not without its nasty side.

While no doubt saving his more draconian announcements for next year's Autumn Budget - goodbye higher rate tax relief on pension contributions?

....For much of 2016 policymakers, including the Prime Minister Theresa May, fretted about low and negative interest rates and subdued bond returns suggesting deflation and slump.

But in the few days since Trumponomics arrived on the scene yields - interest rate returns - on American, UK German and Japanese debt have zipped up from record lows.It reduces tax income and raises 'transfer payments' such as social security and unemployment benefit.....Twitter may be a popular place to exchange insults but has been a poor investment with theshares soaring to before collapsing to .....Both burly entrepreneurs are investors in the Aussie clothing website Mysale Group, and both also have intimate knowledge of audit firm Grant Thornton.Green partly relied on the reputation of Grant Thornton for due diligence done on Dominic Chappell and his Retail Acquisitions Group before selling BHS for £1.The former Danish politician and her anti-trust enforcers dare to tread where no one else will, by taking on Silicon Valley giants.

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