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Lot of people arround the world thinking girls from Sweden has their long blonde hair and big blue eyes and they are slim.

The real women of Sweden are beautiful, open minded, adventurous and friendly for having a foreign date.

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So it is the women who must be on her part be soft spoken as well as be open about her emotions towards him. Many Swedish girls themselves call Swedish men as " stingy"a s they do not take out ladies more often.

Text messages can be sent to Swedish men and they like it. Sex on the first date itself is part of the Swedish culture and so if the girl is not comfortable with it she must be ready to voice out her opinion about it.

Coming from a prosperous country, they are sure to have a good job and be able to support themselves, thus bringing strength and happiness into their relationships.

Some of them could be little bit plump and most of them are feminist.

Swedish men also prefer to move in and live together with his date.

This does not guarantee in any way that he would certainly end up marrying her.

Hence when your date[Swedish men] does not speak much it must not be considered as a "negative sign".

Unlike women Swedish men while dating are very shy at the beginning.

Hence while date Stockholm men try to be out spoken and clear about any thing you discuss with him.

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