Dating antique mirrors

Phillips head screws were only invented in the 1930’s. Old mirrors should have a wood backing and crude, hand-crafted fasteners.

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Antique mirrors were crafted long before we discovered the dangers of mercury.

Thus, mercury was still used as the reflective backing for the glass.

Antique mirrors are an attractive addition to any period-style home.

They can also be worth a fortune, like many rare and ancient things.

At these events, you will encounter invaluable assets as well as charming knick knacks to add to your collection.

Check out our events page for an upcoming sale near you!The effect is usually more visible near the bottom of the mirror.Moisture from cleaning the mirror seeps into the frame and drains downward.A few of these frames will have a date stamp or the manufacturer’s tag on the back.If all the above factors check out and you think you may be on to a good thing, ask an appraiser for their opinion.When these kinds of mirrors age, they develop a characteristic crystalline shimmer behind the glass.

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