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This option is available for Bing instances tailored to some other countries.

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Examples include Arabic terms for “prostitution,” “whore,” and “sadism.” - Bing filters out English keywords that could yield sexually explicit Web sites.

The keywords include “porn,” “sex,” “fuck,” “penis” (but not “vagina”), “sodomy,” “homo,” “sexual,” “sexy,” “clitoris,” and “anal.” The following is a sample list of keywords the Open Net Initiative tested.

- One anomaly we found when probing filtering by keywords is that filtering does not work if a filtered Arabic keyword is used together with another non-filtered keyword.

For example, a search using the Arabic word for “sex” is banned, but using the Arabic term for “sex stories” is not banned.

The fact that they employ a single filtering policy throughout the region implies that they are following one or both of the latter approaches rather than the former.

The current approach uses a region-wide standard for filtering content as opposed to the more targeted, granular, and country-specific policy.

We manually tested the search engine using a set of 100 Arabic keywords and a set of 60 English keywords that would yield results in various content categories, including sex, nudity, dating and escort services, LGBT content, violence and terrorism, politically sensitive content, minority and religious rights, and women’s rights.

The Arabic keywords tested included classical Arabic terms and various alternatives from different Arabic dialects.

Microsoft recently added a new layer of complexity to the ongoing debate regarding the filtering and censorship practices of U. Microsoft’s Bing, which tailors its search engine to serve different countries and regions and offers its services in 41 languages, has a filtering system at the keyword level for users in several countries.

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