Dating archeological eras

They don’t all agree with each other, but the disagreements are based on their interpretations of the same facts that they all can see or read.

Sometimes new facts or new ways of seeing will change the fundamental interpretations of Guam archeology.

William Safford, a young US Naval officer assigned to the office of the Territorial Governor of Guam in 1902, was probably the first to make detailed observations that bore on the antiquities of the island.

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Were ancient Chamorros warlike or peaceful and cooperative? How did the environment change and how did they adapt to the changing environment?

Many of these topics are not clearly understood, but there are theories and concepts based on the present knowledge from the material culture.

Reinman trained the first generation of Chamorro archeologists, Al Lizama among them, and several are still contributing to historic preservation on Guam.

The work of John Craib at the Pagat site in northeast Guam, as well as at the Mochong site in Rota, laid the standard for future excavation projects and documented the condition of relatively undisturbed sites.

In this regard, archeology is a science that proceeds by testing new facts and ideas against our previous understanding.

Click here to see the Guampedia list of entries about Ancient Guam based on archeological investigations. Taitano Micronesian Area Research Center University of Guam, and Guam Preservation Trust are pleased to collaborate on this collection of essays on archeological knowledge of the Marianas.There has been a lot of archeological investigation in the Marianas.Historical preservation laws seek to preserve and protect archeological sites so they can give up their clues to ancient life ways to the discerning eyes of archeologists who are trained to peel back the layers of the past.Please respect and protect these ancient sites so that their wisdom can be preserved and passed along to future generations.He commented on the material culture, language, customs and origins based on historical accounts and his own observations. His work has been unequaled in quality and detail, even though he was an untrained and avocational archeologist.

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