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Cleverly, the sailor left a hand hold on the wood in the proper position for supporting the telescope when viewing.This is the first time we have encountered such work, clearly indicating its shipboard use!Later telescope makers rolled their lenses into a brass seat to firmly secure them.

The cylinder contains an array of ingenious liquid-filled glass vials and other intricate glass objects enclosed in glass. I.” having an outline of his kaleidoscope, then “PATENTS REISSUED NOVEMBER 111873.” What makes this model “deluxe” is his patented quadrapedal walnut stand with legs which can be removed for transport. As such the demand for authentic examples is very keen.

These unique items were a source of yet another Bush patent. Auction sales of these scarce instruments show prices of $1,500 and up, depending on condition, especially for the rare deluxe models. Finest professional grade floor standing tripod telescope.

LONDON,” as beautifully hand-engraved on the eyepiece barrel.

This 2-draw hand-held telescope has a lovely solid cherry wood main barrel which is in exceptional original condition.

It is a Bush kaleidoscope, widely recognized as the best of its kind ever made. His output was deemed “extraordinary” and his kaleidoscopes quickly found world-wide demand. One was for “new and useful objects for the object box.” Another was for his four-legged stand which could be disassembled for transport. By 1875 Bush was credited with having made 5,000 such instruments before he and his wife moved to Claremont, New Hampshire.

This patented “deluxe model” features Bush’s standard cardboard main body covered in faux black shark skin. The “working end” of this kaleidoscope is one of Bush’s rare output featuring a rotating cardboard barrel with turned ebony spokes rather than his more common brass examples. BUSH PAT.” Even in these days of computer graphics and neon, it is hard to believe what amazingly colorful and geometrically perfect imagery Bush was able to capture in his pre-electricity device, actually tilted downward to be illuminated by simple candlelight. Unfortunately, fewer than 1,000 of his original output are known to have survived today.The 3 inch achromatic objective lens is signed internally “Bardou.” With its 4 element erecting lens system the telescope provides a spectacular, highly magnified upright image of crystal clarity. The draw, operated by a precise rack and pinion focusing system, measures 18 inches long. It is supported on a freely training and elevating brass yoke mounted to a brass and mahogany support strut 20 inches high.The strut fits into the turned mahogany turret head.Each leg measures 52 inches long and is fitted with a brass ferrule at its tip.With these features the telescope can be adjusted to a height of eye ranging from 56 to 72 inches! All of the brass surfaces are sealed and in a high polish.The objective lens is contained in its typical early style cast brass housing with scalloped form and scribed line decorations.

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