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I worried for the team, I worried about college and getting recruited, and I worried about how I would recover.All the emotions I had on top of questioning my sexuality overwhelmed me to a point, a couple of weeks later, where I told myself that I was not going to lose. So what if I had a broken wrist, I could still throw. Throughout the next couple of games I threw 22 consecutive innings without any earned runs.I am content where I am today, incredibly grateful for the people that I am fortunate enough to see everyday, and for how this journey called life has played out so far. The fear of not making friends or not fitting in is always present.

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At first, I didn't freak out, I didn't yell or cuss, I just stared.

I stared at the immaturity and recklessness of someone who obviously wanted to hurt me at a personal level.

I refused to let this simple blemish on my car bother me anymore, and I still crack a smile every time I see it.

Overall, I am glad that these things happened to me. I got so much stronger just by embracing who I really was and I always had the assistance of my friends and family to back me up whenever something came up. When transitioning into college, everyone is going to have worries.

I had finally realized who I was, and it shocked me.

At first, I tried to tell myself that everything was a phase and I would eventually get over it.

Our team was successful, I was pitching some of the best games I had ever thrown, and all was going well, except for the underlying thoughts of who I really was.

The fifth game of the season was suspenseful as all hell and I can't picture the night any clearer.

Still a little shy about it, I asked the few I told to not go telling everybody, but it's high school so something like that is going to spread like wildfire.

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