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Instead, ease into it, building in pressure and intensity, with what’s best described as a “come hither” type motion with your finger.You’ll know you’ve found the G-spot because it sort of feels like a slight knot in a fleshy bath.

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You don’t violently stab at a woman’s vagina with your fingers then pat yourself on the back, thinking you’ve just performed some sort of miracle. So whether you’re a woman with a male partner who needs a heads up or a woman who fingers other women, here’s your complete guide to doing it the right way. Although I feel like this should be an obvious part of properly fingering a woman, I realize in the heat of the moment not everyone looks down and examines their fingernail length. Picture it: You’re on the metro, holding onto the pole that thousands and thousands of people touch every single day, then you get to your partner’s place and start going to town on her vagina with those unwashed hands. Do you know how much bacteria you just unloaded into her precious vagina?

But, if you can take a second to quickly look at your nails, you’ll be saving your partner a whole lot of irritation and aggravation. I don’t care if she pounces on you the second you walk through the door; kiss her, then kindly tell her you need a second to “prepare.” The last thing your partner needs is a mystery infection in her vagina thanks to your grubby hands. I firmly believe in all sex-related scenarios lube is one of the most important components. If you have a vagina and you’re fingering a woman, takes some tips from yourself and what you like.

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