Dating breyer horses

This year, Breyer Fest is Off to the Races, exploring all types of horse racing, from flat track to endurance!

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All will include: Models before 1960 did not have the raised markings, but a sticker or hang tag which may or may not have lasted through the years.

Whatever your desire, Breyer has a model horse that is sure to please. And, for expert advice on collecting or caring for your model horses, contact us by email.

Learn more about horses and the model horse community from industry experts.

Join us for the 29th annual Breyer Fest - a family vacation that you will never forget!

Final touches such as airbrushing and brush painting give the horse its unique look.

Hair color, spotting (or not) and emphasis on specific details down to the color of the whites of their eyes is as individual as the artist that paints them.

Retired models come to us from a variety of sources, and are each listed with a detailed condition report and large, zoom-able photos.

As collectors ourselves (above photo is part of Eleda's private collection) we know what you're looking for when purchasing for your collection, and we want you to love your new additions as much as we do.

We love to receive emails from customers with pictures of their purchases in their new homes!

When your hobby becomes the wonderful addiction that many experience when collecting model horse breeds, you may want to start looking at their value.

They also make a great story to tell your friends and family!

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