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Like the Bantam, the Vantage Force has a drop point blade.

This gives it a strong, thick point for heavier tasks.

It is longer and significantly bulkier compared to the Bantam.

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But the truth of the matter is that not all 420HC is created equally.

Buck implements a heat-treating process for its 420HC that was developed by Paul Bos, a well-known figure in the knife industry.

Also, the taper at the top of the blade is designed to prevent puncturing when used for skinning.

The knife comes in both a plain blade and a serrated model.

Details like the heavy stitching on the sheath and the nickel silver bolsters really stand out.

It also should be noted that the Buck 110 Chairman is a The Vanguard might be thought of as Buck’s all-purpose, workhorse field knife.

The Buck Chairman has a leather sheath that has a snap enclosure. In fact, even though it is well built and rugged, you will find yourself almost unwilling to put it through anything too rigorous.

Its handle is cherry Dymondwood (very durable hardwood laminate). In terms of use, it has extremely smooth opening action.

Another issue in handling is that the blade rises above the height of the top jimping, which makes the jimping somewhat useless.

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