Dating callum blue

The very interesting thing is that his army turns against him, and he's got to work to get them back on his side.

He has to manipulate and kill a couple people to get that to happen.

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Blue has had a number of successful movies throughout his career, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement alone made $134.7 million.

Twenty-nine years ago, actor Terence Stamp sauntered onto the screen in Superman II as the embodiment of Superman's nemesis, General Zod from Krypton, and an iconic villain was born.

(And, yes, we know he appeared in the first Superman, but that was only the briefest of cameos.) To this day his trademark line of "Kneel before Zod!

" remains a potent pop-culture catchphrase, while Stamp's performance is still widely considered the seminal take on the character.

Callum Blue is currently 40-year-old and has the height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85m).

The actor with numbers of hit movies currently is successful to collect million as net worth.

Although admittedly unfamiliar with Smallville before he was cast, Blue says he's a fan of the original Superman films.

"I saw it as a kid, and I just watched it recently," the actor said.

With the tone of the show fresh in his mind, he said he is ready to honor Stamp's portrayal of Zod while giving the dictator a fresh spin due to some distinct character changes.

"First of all, he's Major Zod at the moment, so he hasn't grown into General Zod," Blue revealed. The Terence Stamp version is very cool, calm and collected. I have a certain amount of that, but I think he hasn't grown into it yet, so my take is that he has to calm down a bit, because he wants it right now.

It's a bit of a spoiled-brat version of the character.

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