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However, if the couple becomes secondary, it doesn’t mean married people stop having the urge to have sex – just not with their spouse!

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I confronted the guy and he told me he wasn’t cheating on me – he was using these toothbrushes to “clean his bathroom.” Um, as if that was a better alternative!

I took my gift and parties provide endless excuses for late arrivals home.

My toothbrush was nowhere to be found, so I opened the vanity cabinet.

There it was, on top of at least 10 other toothbrushes!

This past Sunday, I was having brunch with a good Japanese friend of mine, lamenting the lack of men who could juggle work and personal life in this country.

My friend stirred her coffee and, after a pause, simply said: “There’s an easy solution to your problem. ” I made her repeat, just to make sure my sweet, Disney-loving and innocent friend was really encouraging me to be unfaithful.

Then one day, I got curious and went through his phone.

I saw a conversation between him and his friend, mentioning how he had gone to this girl’s place the night before, that she was crazy about him and how he should have “tried” a Japanese girl sooner.

I’m not sure what else could top that in terms of being unfaithful!

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