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Paul Mott Major Accounts | Start date: 2015Paul brings years of experience in workplace furniture to the team.

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During his 30-year career in contract furnishing industry, David has worked on major projects with many large organisations both in the UK and internationally and has specialised within the financial services sector.

David has overall responsibility for KI’s project resourcing and implementation.

This is one of my most requested posts on Design Darling and it’s more personal than I tend to get on here so please be kind!

It’s nothing crazy but it still feels a little daring to put it all out there. Will and I met in New York in February 2013, through — drumroll, please — Tinder!

After a free-fall of about 45 seconds, she crashed into power cables, which helped to slow her impact with the ground, the Johannesburg Star newspaper reported."If it wasn't for them, I would have died. I hit the ground really hard and I was kind of waiting to die.

Then the pain set in." She was taken to a hospital in Johannesburg where doctors found only a fractured pelvic bone and some bruises.

I love learning how people met their significant others, especially in the age of social media, online dating, and missed connections.

After mentioning it a couple times in past blog posts, I finally sat down to write the little story of how Will and I met.

Apparently we both dated other people during that time and I was feeling pretty excited about someone else until that guy dumped me out of the blue… I went into that fall determined to spend the rest of the year on a dating hiatus, focused on work, taking care of myself, and seeing more of my girlfriends.

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