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Costa Rica's anti-drug tsar, Mauricio Boraschi, said: "You squeeze the balloon in the south, then you squeeze it at the top and what you get is pressure in the centre, so...

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"Drug traffickers come in, make pathways for their trucks and set up their camps, waiting for drug shipments to come in by boat," said Carlos Martinez, head of police in Quepos, a town near Costa Rica's most popular park, Manuel Antonio, 80 miles from the capital of San José.

Drug cartel expansion into Costa Rican parks is seen as part of a "balloon" effect of the narcotics trade, which has been targeted by military offensives in Mexico, Colombia, Honduras and Guatemala.

In January, the Coast Guard was called in for an unprecedented seizure of almost a ton of cocaine – worth $100m (£64m) on US streets – found in swampy mud in the Palo Seco park.

In total, Costa Rican authorities seized more than 6.6 tons of cocaine in the first half of this year, in and out of parks, compared with less than three tons in the same period last year. Park rangers have also uncovered dozens of gangster encampments, complete with food supplies.

Tourism generates $2.1bn annually, roughly 5 per cent of gross domestic product.

Rincon de la Vieja volcano, and its dormant sister cone, Santa Maria, as well as the older dormant Cerro Von Seebach.

The lush national parks of Costa Rica, with their rainforests, white beaches and thermal springs, have long attracted tourists from around the globe.

Recently, they have lured more unsavoury visitors in the form of drug traffickers.

All subsequent eruptions, including numerous historical events dating back to the 16th century, have occurred in the mountain's lake-filled active crater.

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