Dating coworkers in retail

His attitude made him a regular antagonist to Stuart while Stuart was store manager, and later to Josh when Josh was promoted to assistant manager.

He is constantly frustrated by bad policies and customers, and regularly lashes out at the store by goofing off during his work hours and playing practical jokes.

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The store closed on June 28, and Cooper was shocked to receive Stuart's congratulations for a job well done, complete with a promise to provide the closing cash bonus as previously negotiated.

Cooper has built a small lounge on the roof of the Grumbel's out of old patio furniture dubbed "Cooper's Lounge" and also spends time constructing "Box Art" out of empty cardboard boxes.

Some examples of his art include robots, castles, mazes and even a "Great Wall of Boxes." He's a fan of science fiction and geek culture, and often wears Halloween costumes based on obscure movie, TV or comic book characters that other staff members don't recognize, much to Cooper's frustration.

Cooper harbored a crush on Val for years before finally asking her on a date in February 2011.

However, the name Grumbel's is a parody of real life department store Gimbels, which closed in 1987.

It also suggests the word "grumble." Besides being in a generic, suburban mall the location of Grumbel's was initially kept ambiguous. January 10, 2010, it was revealed that this Grumbel's store is located in New England.

Marla and her fiance Scott were married in June 2011.

Their first child, a daughter named Fiona Jane Garrison was born on April 9, 2012.

As part of his new duties, Cooper does initial interviews for a new stockroom employee.

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