Dating dahling

By all means, greet them warmly, look happy to see them and take genuine interest when you ask how they’re doing – but don’t hug them. If a person isn’t making themselves easily available for a hug (for example, if they are turned away slightly or conspicuously carrying something that they’re not making any moves to put down), assume that this is a no-hug zone. If no one else is engaging in regular hugs, you should probably calibrate your behavior accordingly.

So when we found that out we searched for the captain of the ship, but the captain of the ship was completely gone. And wow, then I talked to another guy who knows that too. And then, after three years in this industry, two weeks ago for the first time I understand what is the blockchain. No, no.” He said, “You need a lot of technicians to build that”. They fired almost everybody that they had.” (He said,) “Did they have somebody like that? But that never worked out, because we figured out they have only one girl for the entire world.[] I have young children. Most of them, eight of them, are younger than fifteen years old.

And then they said, “Do you think the other company has that? I said, “There’s no technicians, they just have it (a blockchain)”. The other company has not even fifty people for them.” He said, “Yeah but it’s a multi-national”. My children put their savings money into (One Coin) accounts so they would get coins.

Till half a year ago I found out that my vision was correct, my mission was correct, what I wanted to achieve was correct… I needed a plane or rocket for what I wanted (to do) and I was riding a bicycle.[] Instead of the future of payments, I get more and more the idea that I was part of the next version of the Wizard of Lies.

[] And then comes the point that you find out that what you think you can achieve is completely impossible, because you will never arrive in New York because you are on the Titanic. Even when it became the most dangerous period (of the trip), the captain of the ship went to sleep. I leaded all of you the wrong way, ladies and gentlemen. Alberts claims his bodyguard and house-minder, both of which he cites as “best friends”, took out loans against their houses, on Alberts’ advice, to invest in One Coin.

He said, “No, we have over fifty, fifty-six, fifty-seven people. “Yeah but it’s a network marketing company, you don’t need all these.” He said, “Do you, did you ever met the Chief Technical Officer? They don’t have that.” Can you see how you can be in a bubble? Because their father told them, me, that it would be very good.

Because I believed, and now I find out that that belief was based on actually nothing.[] I am the number one income earner in the world. After buttering up his audience with a lengthy story of entrepreneurial struggle, Alberts retelling of his time at One Coin paints him as a victim. Onecoin didn’t become a scam over night, it was a calculated launch modeled on an already collapsed Ponzi scheme from day 1.

It’s an office where professional relationships should govern, and most huggers understand that some people have different boundaries than they do.

As long as you’re matter-of-fact about it and don’t make colleagues feel like your reason for not hugging is that you’re personally repulsed by them, you should be fine.

And you really, really don’t want to be forcing unwelcome physical contact on the people who you manage or ignoring their personal boundaries. Even if the people you don’t hug didn’t particularly want to hug you, selectively hugging some people in a group and not others is likely to cause some awkwardness.

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