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Host Mark Richardson offered Kahnjani a spot on Three's next reality show .

"I've done a but of landscaping so that could be in the books somewhere," she said, In the meantime, she has confirmed that she will keep on dancing.

Khanjani wouldn't guess who would take out the winning title.

"Throughout the whole thing I wasn't even thinking about the dance, I just had so much on my mind.

"It is what it is and these things happen." host Amanda Gillies felt Naz was robbed on Monday night's show because she can "actually dance".

Initially, it was believed that the reality TV star might dance alone, but instead Shae Mountain - Gilda Kirkpartrick's dance partner - stepped-up.

He's now being dubbed the "cursed dancer" on Twitter.

Naz did talk about her time on the reality dating show on the AM Show on Tuesdsay morning. Khanjani was one of the better dancers on the show, wowing judges with her rendition of the tango with partner Tim Mullayanov.

Earlier this week Mullayanov suffered a knee injury, and the dance partner of the first evicted contestant, Gilda Kirkpatrick, stepped in.

She has a dancer inside her." But romance or not, the pair, who have obvious chemistry, admitted that they're going to continue to dance together, now in private lessons, despite their early exit and are even eying-up professional competitions in the future.

Naz explains, "Tim and I are going to continue dancing and hopefully do some competitions together in the future." Since being on the hit Three show, Naz did wow the judges with her dancing and understandably didn't expect to get voted out on the third week. "I think when you put your blood, sweat and heart into it, it is very upsetting when you have to leave.

"Tim's told me that he wants to continue teaching me and hopefully we will do some competitions in the future," she said.

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