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In , "the wife of Uriah" is mentioned as one of the ancestors of Jesus.Bathsheba is recognized as the archetypal example of the Queen Mother, foreshadowing the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven.

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But Uriah was unwilling to violate the ancient kingdom rule applying to warriors in active service.

Rather than go home to his own bed, he preferred to remain with the palace troops.

After repeated efforts to convince Uriah to have sex with Bathsheba the king gave the order to his general, Joab, that Uriah should be placed on the front lines of the battle, where Uriah would be more likely to die.

David had Uriah himself carry the message that led to his death.

(2 Samuel –23) Some commentators have suggested that Lemuel was the son of Bathsheba and David and therefore the author of Proverbs 31.

The argument is that she is called the daughter of Eliam in 2 Sam.

The Haggadah states that Ahithophel was misled by his knowledge of astrology into believing himself destined to become king of Israel.

He therefore induced Absalom to commit an unpardonable crime (2 Sam. The Midrash portrays the influence of Satan bringing about the sinful relation of David and Bathsheba as follows: Bathsheba was bathing, perhaps behind a screen of wickerwork.

When Jesus founds the Church, he maintains continuity with his hereditary House of David: Mary, who is mother of Christ the King, is accorded the highly-favored status in Catholicism as the Queen Mother in the Kingdom of God, and continues to intercede on behalf of the faithful who pray to her.

In Islam David is considered to be a prophet, and some Islamic tradition views the Bible story as incompatible with the principle of infallibility (Ismah) of the prophets.

He ordered enquiries and found out that she was Bathsheba, wife of Uriah. The text in the Bible does not explicitly state whether Bathsheba consented to sex.

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