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Today we are sharing the most adorable New Year’s Eve idea that is guaranteed to help you get the perfect “midnight kiss” from your sweetie! PLUS, it comes with darling, totally Once you have decided what you want to include in your Kiss Me Kit, print off our cute New Year’s Eve printables, and cut.(We love using this paper cutter for a quick and easy way to get our printables ready) Start by attaching our adorable New Year’s Eve Kiss Me Kit printable to the front of a gift bag!These Mad Libs can make for a fun-filled date night, family activity or the perfect activity for your New Year’s Eve party!

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Fill in the time (we recommend 7 o’clock or earlier to ensure you don’t miss a single step of the Kiss Countdown) and placing it somewhere they’re sure to find. There’s one for each hour so you’ll NEVER be bored – trust us on this one.

Simply follow the instructions and have fun, you two (wink-wink)!

We put our heads together to come up with the ULTIMATE music selection, specifically for New Year’s Eve!

Trust us when we say you are going to want to include some lip balm in your New Year’s Eve Kiss Me Kit! Because we are The Dating Divas and LOVE to make things fun, we also came up with a SUPER cute Truth-Or-Dare Kissing Game!

We made sure to include a bunch of festive tags to help you decorate the items in your bag!

Attach this cute printable to a box of breath mints to create some delicious “midnight mints!

What would be a New Year’s Eve Kissing Kit without some great music to set the mood!?!

You can either come up with your own songs or check out our printable playlist!

Then, as a New Year’s Eve tradition, you can open the jar and read all of the memories from the year. I am so excited about implementing this idea with my family this next year, but I am even more excited to share this idea with friends and extended family. I have already made additional copies of the printables to make more jars and with the printable gift tag – gifting this jar is super easy! A new tradition for your family PLUS a great Christmas gift idea!

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