Dating dog games

Wash your new adorable pet until it's sparkly clean so ...Bunny Cop and Fox Detective have no time to waste on their investigation of a missing otter, help them run a license plate sneakily at the DMV, before the sloths catch up. They have a special offer at the Pampered Paws Salon: it?Watch this video of Caesar Milan coaching some Muggles on how to be pack leaders.

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Hygiene is very important, so make sure you brus... The furry rodent wants to stock up on nuts for winter, but gets hurt in the shrubbery. Take care of a cute bunny in this adorable girl game! Each one of these adorable kitties is having a really bad day. Make sure each cat gets to the right room in this animal clinic and receives the co...

In this magical animal and dress up game, you have to help take care of a beautiful griffin! Your fluffy buddy loves to play in the garden and chases some butterflies. In this fun Magical Pet Maker game we invite you to create your favorite little animal, be it a kitty, a puppy, a bunny, a pony, or even a baby dragon! Angela got lost on her way home and kept missing for a few days.

Help our heroine clean up the cute dog, treat the fleas, brush its fur, fee...

You found a cute kitten on the doorstep and decided to keep it, but the friendly kitty is all dirty and needs a bath, luckily it likes water.

All Ruby knows is when she acts anti-social or dominant, everybody pays attention to her and showers her in nurturing energy.

When you nurture insecurity, you cement the behaviour as accepted and normal.

Anna loves arts and crafts, so when she sees a competition from a neighboring kingdom she signs up to create the cutest toy to win first place.

Help the princess put together the rocking horse in t...

Caesar gives the weak little humans a lesson on dominance, boundaries, and setting expectations within the relationship. You’re either the pack leader, or Ruby’s bitch.“What do you do when Ruby becomes nervous or insecure?

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