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Like the American dream, the Singaporean dream is the pursuit of material comfort via achieving upward social mobility.

Obediently, I followed the oft-repeated mantra and studied hard to get good grades to later secure a good job. If you’ve ever dated an ACSI boy, you would know conversations are quick, smart and a whole lot of fun because of their ‘banter culture’.

With them, I could discuss my future in solid terms.

I only needed to be the housewife to their kids, and support them as they pursued their doctor/lawyer/banker dreams.

But to say I fell in love with their money wouldn’t be entirely correct.

Rather, I fell in love with what these ACSI boys represented–the Singaporean dream.

The legal costs will also be much more manageable, if the matter is resolved early.

The parties can then move on with their lives without being engaged in acrimonious and unnecessary allegations against each other.

No Match Card is created without your permission and you can remove yourself from our Member List at any time. How It Works Many matchmaking services treat you like a number. It’s frustrating and can feel like you’re starting the process over and over again.

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