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The bladders inflate during high accelerations, tightening around the legs and abdomen, reducing the amount of blood pooling.

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Frankie Valli is a great singer, best known for fronting the Four Seasons in the sixties.

Valli had an incredible number of hits, with and without the Four Seasons.

The first “stooges” were simply stage assistants, back in the early 1900s.

A country’s Gross National Product (GNP) is the value of all services and products produced by its residents in a particular year.

The ocelot is a wildcat found mainly in South and Central America, although there have been sightings as far north as Arkansas.

An ocelot doesn’t look too different from a domestic cat, and some have been kept as pets.

In French, one’s “tête” (head) might produce an “idée” (idea).

The great northern loon is the provincial bird of Ontario, and the state bird of Minnesota.

Bob Crewe, the record producer, insisted that the group keep on recording while smoke and water was seeping into the studio.

Crewe blocked the door, forcing firemen to use axes to break it down so they could get everyone to safety.

Karo is a brand of corn syrup, an industrially manufactured sweetener derived from corn.

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